SaaS boilerplate

An application skeleton on top of which you can build your multi-tenant SaaS.

Complete sign-up flow

Tenant registration, "your application is being created" message, logging in to tenant applications from central domain using email and much more.

Cashier billing

Cashier already integrated. Tenants select their billing plan on registration and can later change it in their dashboard.

Nova admin panel

Manage tenants and their domains from Laravel Nova. We have Nova Resources that are ready for use.

Domain management

Customers can manage their domains — change subdomains and add custom 2nd level domains.

Ploi integration

Integration with Automatic creation of vhosts and HTTPS certificates when customers add domains.

Tenant-aware test suite

Tests structured for separate central and tenant tests. The tenant test suite works so smooth that you don't even have to think about multi-tenancy when writing the tests — just like when using the package.

UI showcase

User settings

User settings

Tenant-aware test suite

Tenant-aware test suite

Nova resources

Nova resources


The right price for you

We try to make the boilerplate affordable for small startups, while also providing premium services for enterprise clients.

One time payment. Save tens of hours of development time and focus on your application, not boilerplate.


$199 $299

The perfect starting point for small SaaS companies.

  • Asynchronous tenant onboarding flow

  • Domain management UI

  • Billing logic integrated

  • Nova admin resources


$379 $499

Premium service for clients with enterprise needs.

  • All Standard features

  • > $60k annual revenue

  • Priority support

  • Company listed as a sponsor

Price parity

If you're from a low-income country and working on a small startup, we'll gladly give you a discount.

We want the boilerplate profits to sustain the package's development, but more importantly we want to help you build a better future for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Payments are processed using Gumroad which lets you pay with PayPal or a payment card.

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