Console Commands

The package comes with some artisan commands that will help you during development.


The most important command. To use tenants, you have to be able to migrate their databases.

You can use the tenants:migrate command to migrate tenant's databases. You can also specify which tenants' databases should be migrated using the --tenants option.

php artisan tenants:migrate --tenants=8075a580-1cb8-11e9-8822-49c5d8f8ff23

You may use multiple --tenants=<...> options.

Note: Tenant migrations must be located in database/migrations/tenant.

You can use these commands outside the command line as well. If you want to migrate a tenant's database in a controller, you can use the Artisan facade.

$tenant = tenancy()->create('tenant1.localhost');

\Artisan::call('tenants:migrate', [
    '--tenants' => [$tenant['id']]

Rollback & seed

  • Rollback: tenants:rollback
  • Seed: tenants:seed

Similarly to migrate, these commands accept a --tenants option.

Migrate fresh

This package also offers a simplified, tenant-aware version of migrate:fresh. It runs db:wipe and tenants:migrate on the tenant's database.

You may use it like this:

php artisan tenants:migrate-fresh --tenants=8075a580-1cb8-11e9-8822-49c5d8f8ff23


You can use the tenants:run command to run your own commands for tenants.

If your command's signature were email:send {--queue} {--subject=} {body}, you would run this command like this:

php artisan tenants:run email:send --tenants=8075a580-1cb8-11e9-8822-49c5d8f8ff23 --option="queue=1" --option="subject=New Feature" --argument="body=We have launched a new feature. ..."

Tenant list

php artisan tenants:list
Listing all tenants.
[Tenant] id: dbe0b330-1a6e-11e9-b4c3-354da4b4f339 @ localhost
[Tenant] id: 49670df0-1a87-11e9-b7ba-cf5353777957 @ dev.localhost

Create tenant

This command lets you create tenants from the command line. You may find this useful if you need to create tenants from some service that's separate from your app.

You may specify any amount of domains using -d <domain>. To set data during the creation process, add arguments of the <key>=<value> format to the end of the call.

For example:

php artisan tenants:create -d aaa.localhost -d bbb.localhost plan=free email=foo@test.local

The command returns the created tenant's id.

Selectively clearing tenant cache

You can delete specific tenants' cache by using the --tags option on cache:clear:

php artisan cache:clear --tags=tenantdbe0b330-1a6e-11e9-b4c3-354da4b4f339

The tag is derived from config('tenancy.cache.tag_base') . $id.