Custom Database Connections

To set a specific database connection for a tenant, set the _tenancy_db_connection key in the tenant's storage. The connection's database name will be still replaced by the tenant's database name. You can customize that too.

You may want custom connections to be dynamic (rather than adding them to the DB config manually), so can use something like this:

// Make new tenants use your connection "template"
    '_tenancy_db_connection' => 'someTenantConnectionTemplate',

// Make tweaks to the connection before bootstrapping tenancy
tenancy()->hook('bootstrapping', function ($tenantManager) {
    config(['' => $tenantManager->getTenant('database_name')]);
    config(['database.connections.someTenantConnectionTemplate.password' => $tenantManager->getTenant('database_password')]);
    config(['' => $tenantManager->getTenant('database_host')]);