Tenant Config

It's likely you will need to use tenant-specific config in your application. That config could be API keys, things like "products per page" and many other things.

You could just use the tenant storage to get these values, but you may still want to use Laravel's config() because of:

  • separation of concerns -- if you just write tenancy implementation-agnostic config('shop.products_per_page'), you will have a much better time changing tenancy implementations
  • default values -- you may want to use the tenant storage only to override values in your config file

Enabling the feature

Uncomment the following line in your tenancy.features config:

// Stancl\Tenancy\Features\TenantConfig::class,

Configuring the mappings

This feature maps keys in the tenant storage to config keys based on the tenancy.storage_to_config_map config.

For example, if your storage_to_config_map looked like this:

'storage_to_config_map' => [
    'paypal_api_key' => 'services.paypal.api_key',

the value of paypal_api_key in tenant storage would be copied to the services.paypal.api_key config when tenancy is initialized.