Telescope Integration

To enable this feature, uncomment the Stancl\Tenancy\Features\TelescopeTags::class line in your tenancy.features config.

Requests in Telescope are automatically tagged with the tenant id and domain:

Telescope Request with tags

This lets you filter requests by id and domain:

Filtering by id Filtering by domain

If you'd like to set Telescope tags in your own code, e.g. in your AppServiceProvider, replace your Telescope::tag() call like this:

\Tenancy::integrationEvent('telescope', function ($entry) {
    return ['abc']; // your logic

Tenancy tags merged with tag abc

Once Telescope 3 is released, you won't have to do this.

To have Telescope working, make sure your points to a non-tenant connection. It's that way by default, so for most projects, Telescope should work out of the box.