Note: Domains are optional. If you're using path or request data identification, you don't need to worry about them.

To add a domain to a tenant, use the domains relationship:

    'domain' => 'acme',

If you use the subdomain identification middleware, the example above will work for acme.{any of your central domains}. If you use the domain identification middleware, use the full hostname like If you use the combined domain/subdomain identification middleware, acme will work as a subdomain and will work as a domain.

Local development

For local development, you may use *.localhost domains (like foo.localhost) for tenants. On many operating systems, these work the same way as localhost.

If you're using Valet, you may want to use e.g. saas.test for the central domain and foo.saas.test, bar.saas.test etc for tenant domains.