Laravel 9.0 or higher is needed.

Require the package using composer:

composer require stancl/tenancy

Then run the following command:

php artisan tenancy:install

It will create:

  • migrations
  • a config file (config/tenancy.php),
  • a routes file (routes/tenant.php),
  • and a service provider file app/Providers/TenancyServiceProvider.php

Then add the service provider to your bootstrap/providers.php file:

return [
    App\Providers\TenancyServiceProvider::class, // <-- here

And finally, if you want to use a different central database than the one defined by DB_CONNECTION in the file .env, name your central connection (in config/database.php) central — or however else you want, but make sure it's the same name as the tenancy.central_connection config.