Laravel Sanctum

Note that the sanctum auth guard can't be used with user impersonation because user impersonation supports stateful guards only.

If you need to use the csrf-cookie route that Sanctum provides, you have to set up universal routes in your app. Then, add 'routes' => false to the sanctum.php config.

Finally, add the following code to routes/tenant.php (use tenancy initialization middleware of your choice):

Route::group(['prefix' => config('sanctum.prefix', 'sanctum')], static function () {
    Route::get('/csrf-cookie',[\Laravel\Sanctum\Http\Controllers\CsrfCookieController::class, 'show'])
        // Use tenancy initialization middleware of your choice
        ->middleware(['universal', 'web', \Stancl\Tenancy\Middleware\InitializeTenancyByDomain::class])