Real-time facades

When using storage_path() suffixing (for local filesystem tenancy), each tenant gets a separate subdirectory in storage/.

This means that storage paths look like this:


not like this:


This means that the other directories in storage/ are also tenant-scoped. Importantly, the framework directory.

The issue with real-time facades

When real-time facades are used, Laravel creates a PHP file with facade-like code, stores it in storage_path/framework/cache and autoloads it.

Creating framework directories for tenants

To solve this, you need to create these directories for tenants. But note that you only need this if:

  1. you're using storage_path() suffixing (enabled in tenancy config)
  2. and you're using real-time facades

You can create these directories by using the event system.

Use a job pipeline, because you need to initialize tenancy to run this code & you need tenancy initialization to even be possible (you can't initialize tenancy before the tenant's database is created, for example).

Add a job like this to your TenantCreated job pipeline:


namespace App\Jobs;

use Stancl\Tenancy\Contracts\Tenant;

class CreateFrameworkDirectoriesForTenant
    protected $tenant;

    public function __construct(Tenant $tenant)
        $this->tenant = $tenant;

    public function handle()
        $this->tenant->run(function ($tenant) {
            $storage_path = storage_path();

            mkdir("$storage_path/framework/cache", 0777, true);